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Jean-Charles de Castelbajac draws inspiration from South Park
I actually really like the one on the right. And if my boyfriend had the money, he would totally buy it for me. We’re both massive SP fans 🙂

Fashion Trends: Hats with ears and animal heads
I love love love these.
I own this hat, but not the paw gloves sadly.

Tesco bans shoppers from wearing pyjamas in their store: were they right?
As a first year university student in a student dominated area, I might pop to the takeaway or Tesco express in my PJ bottoms and a hoodie, but that would be the extent of it.
I guess we’re one of the problem demographics 😀

Dita Von Teese in leather at the Dior Couture summer show
I actually love it. The top half and the gloves are the better half admittedly, but I actually think I fell a little bit in love just then.

How to Wear Shorts in the Winter, Part 2
Ellie 2’s is just gorgeous, but I voted for Georgie’s, as I would totally wear it.

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