Alexander McQueen perfects the “Boob Window”

Well, THANK GOD for bras, eh?

Without them, this model would’ve found herself doing a very different kind of “modelling” for the one she signed up for:

On the other hand, though, we somehow don’t think that when the House of McQueen decided that this grey sweater badly needed a boob window, that they anticipated it being worn with a boring beige bra underneath. Surely if you had a window on your boobs, you’d at least encase them in something a little more interesting? Or would you? What IS the boob-window etiquette these days, anyway? Not being fashion victims, we have no idea what you’re supposed to wear underneath your totally sheer top, and given that this one is already sold out, we’ll probably never know.

Unless, of course, you’d like to enlighten us?

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