I’d say these would fit more into the “clothes that …

Comment on Alexander McQueen emerges as leader of harem pant movement by Rock Hyrax.

I’d say these would fit more into the “clothes that are stuck together” category: skirt stuck to leggings perhaps?

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Jean-Charles de Castelbajac follows up Kermit jacket with horse sweater
Those last two jumpers are unspeakably ugly – no wonder the dress depicts Kermit talking about suicide…

Dress of the Day: Victoria Beckham Ribart felt dress
I like it.

Wear or Die: Another jumpsuit edition
A, for reasons already given: straps, and the fabric isn’t actually too bad.

Is it a shirt? Is it a dress? Is it a crime of fashion?
I like the way you can see the X on the floor. And is that dark shape a shadow or a puddle? (Formed from the model’s tears of course.)

When floral print goes wrong. Really wrong.
I think it would go nicely with that pansy blazer…

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