How could a genius like McQueen make such a big …

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How could a genius like McQueen make such a big mistake? Duh. *shivers*

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Rick Owens Fur Toad Bag: possibly the ugliest bag of the year
If it wasn’t real mink fur; I would have gone just by saying how ugly & irracionally expensive is this… But knowing that cute innocent minks had to die for THIS “bag” – you know, that’s what leaves me speechless. And angry.

River Island, New Look and the mysterious case of the ruffled bow skirt
I knew I’ve already seen it somewhere! 🙂 I think the “original” design was worn by Blair Waldorf in Gossip Birl, lookie here:
It’s Tibi’s Ainsley bow-front mini skirt –
I think this looks classy on Blair, and the design is a lot better without the annoying ruffles of the knockoffs.
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Fashion Trends We’d Ban: Crazily patterned leggings
I’m personally not keen on crazy leggings either but the outfit of the girl on the right is rather nice, I kinda like those leggings.

Balmain’s studded crystal sandals: the shoes of the season?
LOVE them! WANT them!!

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