Alexander McQueen emerges as leader of harem pant movement

Such is the unfortunate prevalence of harem pants in our world today that we've been forced to give up pointing out individual atrocities and simply throw them all into the Harem Hall of Shame, instead. We did. however, think these ones by McQ were bad enough to warrant a post all to themselves:


So bad, it's like they bypassed "harem" territory altogether and just proceeded straight to "oh my God, I've just filled my diaper/nappy." In fact, we think Alexander McQueen may even be doing it deliberately, playing up the diaper qualities of the look, and creating a silhouette that's as ridiculous as anything we've seen:


These particular offenders are now safely confined in the Fashion Police jail (We didn't want them to be a bad influence on the other harem pants in the Hall of Shame, so we've thrown them straight into solitary). If you'd like to get them out, though, bail has been set at £150, and you can buy them here.

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