Dress of the Day: Alexander McQueen drape front dress

pink Alexander mcqueen As seen on Lucy Liu, Sienna Miller, Katie Holmes and, um, a whole bunch of other celebrities that we totally can’t be bothered Googling (look, it’s Friday afternoon, OK, cut us some slack!), this dress is already starting to look slightly over-familiar to us, like that relation who turns up for dinner and then decides to stay for the weekend. It’s starting to achieve near-iconic status, though (i.e.every time we think of the early part of 2008, we’ll think of this dress. No, really), so how could we resist making it our Dress of the Day on this fine Friday?

It is, of course, Alexander McQueen’s drape front dress, seen here in hot pink and available at Net-a-Porter for a mere £910. Don’t worry, there’s bound to be a high street “homage” along any minute…

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