Daylight Robbery: Akris Tulle Turtleneck Bodysuit

Sheer_bodysuit_2We should probably begin this post by pointing out that this item of clothing isn’t quite as useless as it may at first appear. Sure, it’s a totally sheer bodysuit, but in its defence (and no, we can’t quite believe we’re offering up a defence of a sheer body suit either…), it is intended to be worn underneath your other clothes, and if you look at the example on the Saks website, you’ll see what we mean.

At the end of the day, however, certain facts have to be faced. This is still just a body suit. It’s still just a sheer bodysuit. Its uses are limited. So why, then, we must ask, does it cost $495? We can see absolutely nothing that would justify this kind of price, can you?

Also: is it just us, or does the airbrushing job on the model’s nipples and, er, lady bits, freak you out, too? It kinda makes her look like Barbie. Sheer Bodysuit Barbie. And her expression says, “Just you DARE laugh at me in my $495 sheer bodysuit, and I will crush you. Don’t even think I won’t.”

Message received, Barbie, loud and clear…

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