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Shress Spotting: Agyness Deyn in House of Holland, S/S 09


You know how you sometimes look at fashions on the runway and think, “Well, that’s all very creative and all, but clearly no one would ever wear it in real life?” Agyness Deyn just doesn’t think like that, does she? Here she is wearing a sheer football-patterned dress (a “shress”, if you will) from House of Holland’s S/S 09 collection, and, in fairness, her face looks lovely here, doesn’t it? She’s all fresh and glowy and… oh. You totally weren’t looking at her face, were you? Because her boobs are covered only by a pair of footballs. Yes.

Now, it strikes us that if Katie Price or Jodie Marsh, bless them, went out dressed like this, everyone would probably point and laugh and tut-tut about how very trashy and tacky they looked, but given that it’s Agyness Deyn, and it’s House of Holland, we’re betting most of the fashion press at least will just call it “edgy” instead. What do you think, though, readers? Do a big set of boobs and a fake tan make that much of a difference, or is a trashy dress a trashy dress, no matter who wears it?

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