This has to be a joke.. …

Comment on Adidas Originals: Jeremy Scott giraffe sweatshirt by sarah.

This has to be a joke..

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What not to wear to a wedding. Or anywhere else.
It bothers me more that she’s wearing circa 2001 clothes..

Style on Trial: Gareth Pugh’s pleated culotte trousers
only on old women

Impostor Clothing Alert: the skirt that wanted to be a shirt and tie
vag. bow..

Style on Trial: “Wooden leg” pants by Michael Kors
I’ve never seen anyone wear something like that, but it looks interesting

Wanted! Marks & Spencer 125 Years Limited Collection ’50s Bow Dress
They’re sticking bows on everything these days, so I don’t find this dress to be particularly exciting (it is form-flattering though).

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