I’d wear it for a costume.. It is kind of …

Comment on Friday Fun: Adidas Originals Hooded Leopard sweatshirt by Belle.

I’d wear it for a costume.. It is kind of cute.

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Celebrity Style on Trial: Rihanna at the Glamour Magazine Woman of the Year Awards 2009
She looks like some horrid art deco staircase.
The back just.. seals the deal for me. It’s given her a fat roll where she definitly didn’t have one before.

Just flat out no!
Though I think the idea is kind of good? I’d like to see less ruffles at the bottom and a more well thought out placement of the ‘steps’. It could be an interesting dress but it looks too much like overkill right now.

Dress of the Day: bustier dress with sculptural skirt by Alice + Olivia
I didn’t even take in the dress my eyes went straight the girls legs.
Whoever said ‘The models are thin so all attention is on the clothes and not them’ was sorely mistaken.

Though now I look at the dress it certainly is pretty and interesting.

Mark Fast uses “plus sized” models in London Fashion Week Show
The model in the middle and on the right (it is the same girl yes?) has killer legs!

They would both look 10x better if they had proper fitted underwear though. It just makes them look untidy and out of shape. Both of them have model faces just not typical catwalk bodies.. really shows just how skinny the normal runway girls are.
Like the poster above, I’d never realised before!

Spotted! Sarah Jessica Parker filming Sex and the City 2 in Christian Louboutin’s Pigalle pumps
Oh those shoes! They are magnificent. Come to mama…

On a seperate note, I love the new layout and design Amber 🙂

Fashion Trends: Face shirts
I’ve always found them a bit cheap I’m afraid! I’m not quite sure why.. but they just remind me of the lycra-weird-smelling-highly-flammable clothing you find at your local market on a rainy sunday morning.
The one at top left isn’t so bad, you could almost get away with saying it’s just some random, abstract print if you didn’t look too close.

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