Wear or Die: Acne edition

Ugly_clothesAcne have amazed us on more than one occasion lately, so who better than they to provide us with this week’s Wear or Die options?

First of all, some ground rules:

1. You must choose one outfit to wear – or die, mwa-ha-ha!

2. You must wear the outfit in public, so no answers along the lines of “the second one, but I’ll make sure I don’t leave the house all day!” are permitted. We’re mean like that, sorry.

3. You may not cover the item up in any way, so no “I’ll take the dress and wear a coat over the top”, unfortunately.

With that said, all that remains is for us to pose the question: will you wear the strangely ruffled dress on the right, which isn’t exactly flattering to the figure, or will you go for the drop-crotch-pants-and-cardi combo on the left, which – and here’s the catch – must be worn with the shoes pictured. Well, we did say we were mean…

So, which outfit will you choose, readers?

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