Acne check dress with padded hips. Yes, padded hips


When we played Wear or Die with a pair of big-hipped trousers yesterday, some of you were of the opinion that anything – even harem pants – would be better than making yourself look like you were wearing an old-fashioned farthingale.

Those people may want to look away now, because what you see before you is a dress with padded hips. You know, to make your hips look… well, huge. As an added incentive, this one also comes with what looks like a pre-attached "pinny", so you won't just look like you have massive hips, you'll look like you're a waitress with massive hips.

We'd venture to suggest that this look is not exactly what the world has been waiting for, however, should you disagree, the dress is by Acne and you can buy it at Browns icon.

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