Acid wash jeans: they’re back!

Acid wash jeans with black boots

The Fashion Police have been monitoring the situation with acid wash jeans for a while now, and it is with heavy hearts that we can confirm to you today that yes: they’re back.

These ones are by Lux at Urban Outfitters, and if time travellers from the 80s were to arrive at a branch of UO right now, let’s just say they’d feel totally at home.

Now, it’s just possible that the 80s themselves ruined acid wash for us. We can’t help but remember how our much younger selves would have tried to wear these with neon socks and "crazy" laces, and these dark thoughts make us instantly distrust anything that came out of that decade.

So tell us: is it just our natural aversion to all things 80s that’s making us want to file acid wash jeans under "crimes of fashion we’d rather forget"? Can you see any merit in bringing back the acid wash?

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