A letter from the editor…


I HAD thought this would go without saying, but apparently not, so just to clarify:

People who post comments here telling me they hope my house gets bombed because I don't like harem pants will be deleted and banned. Yes, "kaylie", that means you.

People who post comments saying I should be "shot in the head" because I like a certain dress, will also be deleted and banned.

In summary: debate/ discussion/disagreement/different opinions = good, as long as you're not aggressive or rude about it. Threats of violence/ hatred/personal attacks and abuse = bad, and will result in the old "delete and ban" rule coming into effect.

So, basically, what I'm saying is, "play nice, people". Absolutely nothing on this site is meant to be taken so seriously you start threatening people with violence or death over it, and if you find yourself getting so upset over the fact that a random stranger on the internet doesn't have the same taste in clothes as you, it's time to take a step back from the keyboard and have a little think about why you're so angry.

Look, here is a cute puppy:


[via ke cute]

See, you're feeling better already, aren't you?

Also: I still don't like harem pants 🙂

Amber (The Fashion Police)

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