Two eighties fashion trends that came back this season

Love ’em or loathe ’em, the 1980s are never very far away when it comes to fashion. Here are two current trends which the children of the 80s might recognise…

red neckerchief


Back in the late 80s, fans of the boyband Bros used to wear high-waisted jeans (the kind that would probably now be described as “mom” jeans), white shirts or t-shirts, and red bananas, tied around the neck. We thought we were the BOMB, seriously. Now we simply feel like we’ve gone back in time, because that whole look has come right back around, to the point where it’s hard to find a fashion blogger these days who doesn’t have a chirpy little red bandana tied around the neck. These are more often spotted these days with the ubiquitous Breton top and a trench coat, and honestly, the jury is still out for us: when you’re as old as we are, it’s hard not to look at the red bandana bridgage and think, “Bros! Yay!” (If you’re even older than we are, meanwhile, you might just look at them and think, “YEE HAAAW!”); on the other hand, the more we see them “in the wild”, the easier it becomes to drop that association and see them as a “current” trend again. Give it another few weeks, and who knows: we might even buy some…

satin bomber jacket


It would be wrong to suggest that bomber jackets are purely an 80s-trend: they’re one of those looks that never really went away, and the current trend for satin ones has more of a “pink ladies from Grease” feel than an “I was a child of the 80s” one. If you WERE a child of the 80s, however, you might have some fond memories of padded bombed jackets, which looked awesome with those marble-wash jeans and red neckerchiefs, obviously. Oh, and don’t forget the Grolsh bottle tops on your Doc Marten shoes!

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