80s fashion makes another comeback

80s fashion trends make a comeback

THIS IS AN EMERGENCY: Can all Fashion Police units please report to Miss Selfridge, where the 1980s appear to have exploded all over the place…

Of course, those of who missed out on the 80s the first time around are now lining up to tell us that you love 80s fashion SOSOMUCH, because it is, like, SOCOOL, and God, you wish you could go back in time and live in 1985!

The rest of you meanwhile, are just cringing in horror and saying, “Seriously, AGAIN? Must we? With the acid wash and the crop tops and the Kylie-and-Jason and the really bad hair? Can we just drink bleach or something instead?”

To those people, we are the bearers of bad news: 80s fashion is making a comeback. Yes, another one. Because apparently the other 5 80s comebacks we’ve endured in the past ten years or so just weren’t enough for some people, GOD.

Although it feels a little bit like we actually DO still live in the 80s sometimes (you got your wish, kids! And now you’re about to find out the meaning of the phrase “Be careful what you wish for.”), the influx of 80s-influenced clothes is particularly cold over at Miss Selfridge, which is where you’ll find all of the items in the image above. (Well, with the exception of the mix tape: you’ll have to make that for yourselves…) What do you think about going through the 80s yet again, though? Are you SO! EXCITED! by the sight of acid wash denim and neon crop tops, or will you be needing the number for our eyeball bleach supplier? Because we have him on speed dial right now…

(If you want to see even more 80s looks, take a look at our guide to 80s fashion, here.)

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