Honestly, I kind of love those skirts, and I wish …

Comment on 80s fashion strikes again with Unique Boutique’s puffball skirt by Kelly.

honestly, I kind of love those skirts, and I wish I was a teenager during the 80s so I could have rocked it! But I wont’ be wearing it now – too costumey

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Wear or Die: Clubwear Edition
This actually doesn’t seem as bad to me as the majority of the Wear or Die features. I’d pick the leopard one – at least I could wear a bra with that. And I think it looks marginally better – at least I wouldn’t look like sponge bob square pants!

“Ooh, makeover!” Jennifer Aniston at the UK premiere of ‘Marley & Me’
She bores me to tears. I’m fine with people having a laid-back style, and I’m fine with people having a signature style, but I just feel like banging my head against the wall whenever I see her.

Under Investigation: Wrap around swimsuit from River Island
I don’t know, I kind of dig it!

Wear or Die: New York Fashion Week Edition
I’d do the VPL. I’ll look crazy, but at least I won’t look like I’m wearing a diaper. Plus, I could at least wear a strapless bra.

Wanted! Jersey biker jackets to keep you warm until Spring…
I just got one from Target recently, that I totally love, and it was only like $30!

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