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80s fashion strikes again with Unique Boutique’s puffball skirt


Oh, those 80s! They brought us so many fashion crimes to arrest, and amongst these was the puffball skirt. Guaranteed to make your hips look huge (you’d never have to ask the old "does my bum look big in this?" question with a puffball skirt because, well, yes. It did.) and give you the appearance of a ball on legs, the puffball skirt made a bid for fashion freedom once again during the current decade, and while we thought we’d rounded up them all, it turns out there are still some on the loose, including this pink and black number by Unique Boutique.

You may, of course, find this delightfully quirky and fun, in which case you’re going to want to know that it costs £100 and is available at ASOS. Or you may just want to close your eyes and hope it goes away soon – up to you.

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