80s Fashion on eBay – a Fashion Police bust

80sfashionpromdress_2  80s fashion – it’s so fabulously naff-tastic that we thought we’d bring you a quick round-up of some of the vintage-or-otherwise examples of it currently cluttering up eBay.

You’ve already read our list of Fashion Crimes of the 1980s – now read on to see a few of them in the flesh – or "in the neon polyester", as it were – kicking off with this "sassy" bubblegum pink 80s prom dress. Can’t you just see this down the school disco, worn with a ton of back-combed hair, a pair of matching stilettos and some white lace gloves, a la ‘Like a Virgin’ era Madonna? We can. (But then, we are old, and a little twisted.)

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Behold, the 80s knit dress featuring that ubiquitous grey, pink and blue "line" design that was applied to almost everything during this decade, from wallpaper to furniture and, of course, dresses. This one would have looked lovely in the 1983 family Christmas photo, only not really, obviously.


Next up for your inspection, we have the crazily patterned sweater – 80s knitwear at its best. I mean, worst. This would have been best worn with a pair of…


… high waisted acid wash jeans! Finally, add a pair of brilliant-white high-top sneakers (don’t forget the neon coloured crazy laces!) and top the whole thing off with this:


The acid wash denim coat, so essential for that oh-so-eighties "double denim" look.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have to go wash our eyes out with bleach after looking at all of those…

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