70s-inspired flares

70s-inspired flares

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We’ve talked a lot this year so far about the ongoing 70s revival in fashion, and our fears for where this trend might take us.

Every time we’ve contemplated the 70s comeback, we’ve crossed our fingers and hoped it might just be OK. We’ve been hoping for an ‘Ali McGraw in Lovestory’ version of the 70s, or a Bianca Jagger-inspired one, say. It’ll never be our favourite fashion era, for sure, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work, if it’s done right: many of our issues with 70s style, after all, are purely questions of personal taste, which is, of course, entirely subjective. We may not like all of the styles that are resulting from this trend, but they’re not necessarily crimes of fashion either.

Well, not ALL of them.

The flared trousers above?

They’re almost certainly crimes of fashion. What’s more, they’re exactly the kind of thing we were afraid of. Psychadelic flares? Neon animal print? It’s not even 70s-inspired, necessarily – it’s just plain ugly: and just in case you have any doubts about that, check out the Birkenstocks in the second photo. This is what happens when people decide ugly shoes are the very height of style – don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Will this look catch on, we wonder? Well, possibly: policing the world of fashion has led us to have low expectations. We’d never have predicted that the aforementioned Birkesntocks would become fashionable, but here we are, seeing them on every retail website, from ASOS to Net-a-Porter. And now that the terrible flares have returned to the fashion fold, we guess all we can do is hope that gigantic platform boots don’t follow suit… oh no, wait, that’s already happened, hasn’t it? Crocheted jumpsuits, then? Farrah Fawcett hair? Anything is possible in the world of high fashion…

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