Crime of Fashion? Moschino does Underwear-as-Outerwear

crime of fashion

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Well, it looks like Moschino are on track to win the coveted Fashion Criminals of the Year title (which isn’t actually a thing, but totally should be, don’t you think?). We’d give them the award mostly for their dedication to encouraging people to dress like toddlers , but they’re not neglecting other areas of fashion criminality, as this little outfit proves.

Our officers spent a bit of time interrogating this suspect in order to make sure it WAS actually “an outfit”, and not underwear. It didn’t say much – it’s a skirt and bra top, what do you expect? – but we decided in favour of “clothing”, on the basis of three main pieces of evidence:

1. It was in the “clothing” section, not the “lingerie” one.

2. The model was wearing heels, as if dressed for a night on the town.

3. It’s by Moschino: case closed.

One of the guidelines in our Fashion Police Manual states that if you have to ask yourself whether what you’re about to wear IS, in fact, clothes… it’s probably a crime of fashion. As for this particular outfit, well, the “underwear as outerwear” look is nothing new, obviously, but it generally tends to revolve around flimsy, silky pieces: camisoles, negligees, other items with a high “lace-to-fabric” ratio. This, on the other hand, looks like pretty basic, utilitarian underwear: MEN’S underwear that it – that skirt’s designed to look like it’s been made out of a pair of old boxers.

That last sentence tells all all we really need to know about this look, but we have to ask: what do YOU think of it, and where can you imagine wearing an outfit like this? Most importantly: IS it a crime if fashion, or do you think we should set it free, clearing it of all charges?

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