Dress of the Day: Dollydagger 50s style Scarlet Dress

Betty Draper would be ALL OVER this dress, wouldn’t she? And we would too, to be perfectly honest with you. In fact, we’re kind of kicking ourselves for breaking one of our golden rules – Thou Shalt Not Visit The Dollydagger Website Unless Thou Art Prepared to Spend A Lot of Money – and allowing About Your Dress to seduce us into clicking the link to this, because even although we have nowhere to wear it, and are about £100 short of the £130 we’d need to buy it, it’s going to haunt us forever now.

This is from Dollydagger’s own Boutique Collection, and is in that classic 50s style which is currently very much in fashion, but which never really goes out of it. It’ll be much too flowery and feminine for some tastes, but if you like your dresses big, beautiful, and with a bit of retro flair to them, you’re probably drooling on your screen right now. We’ll give you a moment to clean yourselves up before we continue.

As we mentioned, this is £130, and if you’re stuck for places to wear it, we’d suggest tucking it away until the next time you’re invited to a summer wedding – or are even asked to be a bridesmaid at one.

What do you think? Innocent or Guilty?

(Click here to buy it)

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