3 Fashion Trends We’re Leaving in 2019 – And 3 That Will Dominate 2020!

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Another year has officially come to an end and we are now embarked on a whole new decade! While most people are looking back at their major milestones, like weddings and childbirths, we are taking a look at some fashion trends from 2019 that we are so ready to say “goodbye” to. We’re also taking a look ahead at three style trends that we’re hoping to see more of in the new year. Check it all out below!

3 Fashion Trends That We’re Leaving in 2019

1. Leggings 24/7

11Don’t shoot the messenger, okay? We know this one hurts, but we must say “goodbye” to wearing leggings All. The. Time. The leggings trend is nothing new. We’ve all been wearing them constantly for years now, which means it is far past time that we stop. Before you get your…well, leggings, in a bunch, no one is saying you have to quit them altogether. Don’t go dumping your entire drawers full of leggings into the trash. All we’re saying is that you have to stop wearing them everywhere. Wear them to the gym. Wear them to lounge at home. Wear them to a doctor’s appointment. But you’ve got to stop wearing them to work…and school…and the grocery store…and church.

2019 fashion trends2. Sweatshirts with Heels

What is this bizarre oxymoron of a trend? We don’t know what it means, but we definitely know who started it…cough*Ariana Grande*cough. The whole “sweatshirts dressed up with heels” or “heels dressed down with a sweatshirt” look was cute and unconventional when it started, but now it’s just weird and overplayed. You can walk into literally any shopping mall across the country and find a woman in a baggy sweatshirt paired with stiletto heels. What is this madness? Are you going clubbing afterwards or are you gonna have a Netflix binge? We have no clue what this mismatched ensemble is, but we know that it has to stop.

3. Stupid Phrases on ~ Everything ~

Open up your closet and take a look around. Do you have a t-shirt that says “Tacos are my life” or “Touch my butt and call me bae?” Now as yourself: Why do I own these? At some point, clothing items with ridiculous phrases on them took over the fashion industry. We’re going to blame the once-popular retail giant Forever 21 (who has gone completely under. We wonder why…) Sure, a jacket that says, “Pizza is my best friend” on the back my seem cute and quirky in the store, but when you’re 32 and wearing it to a family gathering, everyone wonders what is actually wrong with you.

3 Fashion Trends That Will Dominate 2020

2020 fashion trends1. Turtlenecks

There are few things we love more than a nice turtleneck. It takes any look and immediately makes it classy and chic. We know what you’re probably thinking: What about summertime? What if I live in Florida? Well guess what fashionistas – sleeveless turtlenecks look just as good as their long-sleeved counterparts. So grab one in every color for your year-round wardrobe!

2. Bootcut Jeans

When are skinny jeans going to retire? We have been waiting anxiously for the return of the bootcut jean and we’re really thinking that 2020 could be the year it finally reigns supreme again. After all, why not? If you ask us, bootcut jeans are more flattering than skinny jeans. They look better with a wide variety of items, and they’re a beloved staple of French women (as we all know, French women have better style than literally everyone, so you see where we’re going with this.) Bring back the bootcut in 2020!

3. Menswear

If you ever look at our red carpet reviews, you’ve probably noticed we’ve got a thing for a woman in menswear. This is nothing new and it’s been big on the fashion scene for well, forever. The thing is…we want more. We want blazers and tuxedos galore. We want women all over the world to be shopping in the men’s sections of every store. We want androgyny everywhere! Okay, okay. We’re done.

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