25 Fashion Tips and Tricks You Have Never Thought Of

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We’re always looking for tips and tricks to update our wardrobe or just keep our favorite clothing items looking fresh. Some tricks are widely known, while others are a little more…unique. Check out 25 fashion tips and tricks you’ve never thought of before!

  1. Tuck a romper or a short dress into pants so that item can act as a top as well.
  2. Wear stockings or fishnets under ripped jeans for a whole new look.
  3. Mixing prints can be a good thing – experiment!
  4. Avoid runs in your stockings by spritzing them with hairspray.
  5. Prevent runs in stockings from getting worse by applying nail polish to them.
  6.  Wear a t-shirt under a spaghetti strap dress or romper to make it more “proper.”
  7.  Make your jeans look like an entirely different pair by rolling up the cuffs.
  8.  Always wash your clothes inside-out to preserve graphics and designs.
  9.  Pair a statement necklace with a plan t-shirt to make it dressier.
  10.  Put a petticoat under a dress to give it some volume.
  11.  Wear shorts with stockings to make them suitable for colder weather.
  12.  Us a Clean Magic Eraser to make old, dirty sneakers look new.
  13.  If a button down shirt is too big, unbutton the bottom few buttons and tie it at the waist to make it fitted.
  14.  Add a little oomph to a button down by letting a lacy bra peek out the top.
  15.  Use a razor to remove fuzz and pilling from a sweater.
  16.  Un-shrink a shrunken sweater by soaking it in warm water mixed with hair conditioner.
  17.  Use white wine to remove red wine stains.
  18.  If you get suede wet, wrap it in newspaper to dry it out.
  19.  Wash your jeans as rarely as possible to keep the shape and fit.
  20.  Use a hair straightener as a quick iron on the go.
  21.  Rub moisturizer onto scratched leather items to reduce the scratch.
  22.  Before buying a cashmere item, lightly stretch the material to see if it bounces back to shape, meaning it is high quality.
  23.  In terms of showing skin, show one area of the body at a time. If you’re showing a lot of cleavage, don’t show a lot of leg (and vice versa).
  24.  To get rid of deodorant stains, rub the same type of fabric onto the fabric that is stained.
  25.  Invest in handbags of every size to accent every kind of outfit.

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