2012 Fashion Trends: Orange Everything

orange fashion

This Spring, you’re all going to be wearing orange. No, you will be: the Fashion Gods have deemed it to be so, and you’ll all just have to go along with it, or you won’t get to talk about being a fashionista and “bang on trend”. That would be terrible, wouldn’t it?

OK, we just: you won’t ACTUALLY have to wear orange if you don’t want to. There will be a fair bit of it around, however, with everything from jeans and dresses, to sunglasses and shoes getting a touch of the “Tango” about it.

What do you think of this trend? There’s no doubt that orange isn’t the easiest colour in the world to wear: not everyone can pull it off, although those who can, often look amazing in it.

Which side are you on? Are you for or against the orange revolution?

Diane Von Furstenberg dress, $465
H&M flared dress, £15
Current/Elliott jeans, $218
Miss Selfridge mary jane platform heels, £45
Tory Burch ballet flats, $178
TopShop plastic jewelry, £3.50
Karen Walker Eyewear leather sunglasses, $220

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