October, 2008

      Dress of the Day: one shoulder pencil dress from Karen Millen

      Sometimes simple really is best. This one shoulder pencil dress from Karen Millen is certainly simple enough to mean you’ll get plenty of wear out of it (this type of dress will see you through many, many formal occasions), but with just enough detail to make it stand out. The one-shoulder design and contrast fabric on the figure-hugging bodice give this something of a designer look, but at £160 it’s expensive, but not so much that you’ll have to mortgage the house to pay for it – always a good thing, we find. Wear with the highest of heels and a swept-up hairdo for a polished look that never goes wrong. Buy it online from the Karen Millen website.

      Celebrity Style on Trial: Gemma Arterton at the James Bond: Quantum of Solace London premiere

      This dress is what we call a “crotch warmer”: the front serves no other purpose other than to cover the crotch and no more, while the back flows out, preserving a small sense of modesty. It’s the kind of dress you’d wear if you wanted something long and dramatic for a special event, but really, really couldn’t stand the thought of not showing off your (admittedly great) legs. Gemma Arterton seems pretty pleased with her choice here, but what do you think, Fashion Police jurors? Stunning, or an arrestable offense?

      Haute Halloween: ‘devil’ sweater by Betsey Johnson

      Planning to keep things low-key this Halloween? This yellow ‘Devil’ sweater from Betsey Johnson is just the thing for you, then: from the front, it’s a totally plain (albeit very yellow) longline sweater. Turn around, though, and it’ll be clear to all who see you that the devil’s got your back. And how much does it cost to carry Beelzebub on your back, we hear you ask? Why, a mere $305 from Betsey Johnson’s online store!

      Haute Halloween: ‘Space girl’ costume by Pam Hogg

      This Halloween, you’ll look just like you’re about to hop aboard a more upmarket version of the Starship Enterprise in this metallic jumpsuit by Pam Hogg. You’ll also look like a fashion criminal, of course, but that’s half the fun of Halloween, isn’t it? Sadly, given that this costs £515, the joke may well be on you this time. Get it at www.brownsfashion.com.

      Haute Halloween: ‘Witch’ costume by Moschino

      Happy Halloween, Fashion Police Cadets! Aren’t you just kicking yourselves over the fact that it’s now too late to order this fantastic “slutty witch” costume by Moschino? Just add a pointy hat and a broomstick and you’re done! Ah well, never mind, there’s always next year. But isn’t it strange how something that costs £715 can look so very cheap?

      Celebrities in Fancy Dress: Kim Kardashian and Brittny Gastineau as Wonder Woman and Zombie (?) at the Blackberry launch party

      The strange thing about this at that none of the other celebrities at the Blackberry event seem to have been in fancy dress, so either Kim Kardashian and Brittny Gastineau read the invitation wrong, or they just felt like dressing up. Either way, Kim here makes a pretty good Wonder Woman, no? And Brittny… we’re not actually sure what she is, except that it’s scary. We’re going with “zombie”, but feel free to correct us…

      Handbag of the Week: Marc Jacobs ‘Jen’ shoulder bag

      The Fashion Police are feeling blue. Not literally, you understand, we’re just really enjoying the colour right now, especially now that the clocks have changed at Fashion Police HQ and we’re now languishing in the darkness much of the time. This bright blue shoulder bag by Marc Jacobs has definitely helped cheer us up, though, and even although we wouldn’t dream of paying £515 for a bag that wouldn’t work with every single colour in our wardrobe, if we did have the money burning a hole in our pockets, it would be a pretty nice little pick-me-up, no? Get it at  Net-a-Porter.

      Link Dump: Bobbi Brown, Russell Brand and LK Bennett

      Dollface finds the best beauty box ever, from Bobbi Brown. Forever Amber books a much-needed holiday. The Realtor finds some scary chairs for Halloween hauntings. The Grumpy Old Bloggers think Brand and Ross got pretty much what they deserved. Do you agree? And Shoewawa finds beautiful shoes at LK Bennett.

      Dress of the Day: Cogs dress from French Connection

      A nice alternative to the classic LBD, French Connection’s Cogs Dress has a lovely beaded neckline and a deep-V back that makes it much less demure than it may seem at first glance. We’re fans of the cinched-in waist, and think this is the kind of dress you’d end up wearing again and again, but without getting bored of it. It’s £140 from frenchconnection.co.uk.

      Fashion Police Glossary: Impostor Footwear

      Impostor Footwear: the Fashion Police cells are absolutely full of it, but what is it, we hear you ask? Impostor Footwear is exactly what the name suggests: shoes, boots and socks that are all pretending to be something they’re not. In other words: impostors. Into this category go the Boots-Pretending-to-Be-Shoes, the Socks-Pretending-to-Be-Boots, and everything in between. Although some forms of Impostor Footwear can look perfectly fine, the truth is that most Footwear Impostors are also Fashion Criminals, so we’ve included a Rogue’s Gallery of them under the jump, to help you identify the miscreants, should the need arise…

      AnnaLynne McCord falls foul of “pants are not leggings” rule. Does she get away with it?

      If you’ve watched any episode’s of 90210 lately, you won’t need The Fashion Police to tell you that AnnaLynne McCord’s character, Naomi, has something of an … interesting…. dress sense. And so, it would seem, does AnnaLynne herself. Here she is at the Blackberry Storm launch, totally flouting the “leggings are not pants” rule of fashion by… wearing leggings as pants. And then wiggling her ass in our faces just in case we didn’t notice it. Now, here’s the thing: rules are meant to be broken, and we actually think there are some girls out there who can totally get away with the “leggings as pants”. Yes, we do. What we want to know is: should we count AnnaLynne here…

      On Fashion Police Parole: Bai Ling

      After seeing this photo of repeat fashion offender, Bai Ling, at the Blackberry Storm launch party this week, we were so blown away by the lack of flashed flesh, ripped clothing or other fashion misdemeanors that we’ve made the difficult decision to allow Bai out of the Fashion Police Jail and put her on parole. Because she actually looks cute here, doesn’t she? This look is a whole world away from the kind of thing she usually torments our eyeballs with, and we think her efforts should be encouraged. Bai’s not completely off the hook yet, of course, but credit where it’s due, no?

      Daylight Robbery: £605 sheer skirt by Dolce & Gabbana

      Now, it could be underwear. It is a tulle skirt, after all, so there’s every chance this was designed to be worn – not with nothing but your knickers and a smile, as shown in the picture above – but underneath a regular, non-sheer skirt. To, you know, make it look more “poofy”. Like wedding dresses sometimes have, or ball gowns. If that’s the case, then of course, we can have no argument with the skirt itself. We can, however, wonder just why in the world it costs £605 ($987), if it’s not even supposed to be seen? Of course, if it is supposed to be seen, then it’s under arrest. No question. If you’re still keen to buy it,…

      Star Style Wars: Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton in silver at the National TV Awards

      They’re both pretty, blonde, 27-year-old British TV presenters, they’ve both presented the X-Factor, are good friends, and both turned up at last night’s National TV Awards wearing sparkly silver dresses – albeit in very different styles. So naturally, The Fashion Police wondered: who was the best dressed – Holly Willoughby or Fearne Cotton? We think we’d personally go with Fearne on this one: Holly looks great in her her floor-length gown, but we’re liking Ferane’s slightly more rock-chick look, and we’re loving her hair! What do you think, though readers? Who wins the Star Style War between Holly and Fearne?

      Shoe Porn: black patent ‘Perla’ pumps by Acne

      We’ve been rather mean to Acne recently, so we thought it only fair to show you that it’s not all mom jeans and sack dresses over there – in fact, we though these black ‘Perla’ pumps were lovely enough to qualify as Shoe Porn, such is their simple-but-sexy appeal. Someone must agree with us too, because these are currently very low in stock, so if you want a pair, you’ll have to be prepared to act fast – and to pay £425 for them. Get them here.

      Scary Swimwear: Zimmermann Bo Feather Lace Up One Piece

      The Fashion Police have just booked a winter getaway, in a bid to try and recharge the old batteries after a hard year on the beat, fighting those crimes of fashion. And also to try and make sure there’s no chance of us catching sight of a pair of those Crocs boots for a couple of weeks at least. This means that while everyone else is buying coats and boots, we’re busy looking at swimwear and sandals – no easy task when the stores are all stocked up for winter, so we were pleased to see that Shopbop alone appeared to be in-step with us this week, with a new delivery of swimsuits. And then we saw this, and died…

      Coat Corner:Petite cream textured cape from Dorothy Perkins

      It’s been a while now since we poked our heads around the door of the Coat Corner, but when we spotted this cute little cream coloured cape at Dorothy Perkins this week, we knew it was time to take you back there. For some reason, once again this is only available in the Petites section (what is it with retailers doing this recently?), and we know the bracelet-length sleeves will put some of you off, but hey, that’s what long leather gloves are for, and the combination of the two can look very chic. This is also the kind of jacket which makes a perfect transitional piece for Spring and Autumn, so the shorter length and sleeves may not be…

      Guess Who?

      Which celebrity was spotted out and about carrying this bright orange handbag, which looks just the right colour for Halloween? Leave your guess in the comments box and check back later for the answer! Edit: The answer is now under the jump for those who want to see it!

      Dress of the Day: Pink check shift dress from Dorothy Perkins

      Yes, yes, we know what we’ve said about tartan in the past, but The Fashion Police can be fickle, and although we still hate the traditional “Royal Stewart-esque” look (especially on trousers), we’re not adverse to a large check, in a less “loud” colour scheme, and we find we’re not adverse to this pink check shift dress from Dorothy Perkins, either. The pink is certainly vivid here, but the soft grey helps mute it, leaving you with a look that’s fairly modern and somehow perfect for winter. If you like the shape of the dress but not the colours, meanwhile, it’s also available in more classic looking black and grey versions. This is £35 at Dorothy Perkins.