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To Buy or Not to Buy: Dorothy Perkins’ yellow ruffle vest

Yellow_top Liz writes…

Hi Fashion Police!

I really enjoyed last week’s ‘To Buy or Not to Buy’ feature, so I thought I’d submit a question of my own.  I think I already know the answer to this question but I am drawn to this yellow top from Dorothy Perkins for summer. But I think I might look like a Fashion Criminal in something so magnificently be-ruffled. What to do you think?

~ Liz


Up until last weekend I would have said, "Not unless you’re planning on dressing up as a buxom milkmaid for a fancy dress party, because yes, that is one helluva ruffle right there. But then last weekend I actually saw this top in store and found myself thinking that it could work with a pair of light wash jeans and some tan sandals – which, funnily enough, is exactly how it’s being advertised on the Dorothy Perkins website.

So I’m going to surprise even myself and say "buy", but of course, it’s not up to me: it’s up to The Fashion Police readers, so go on readers, give Liz your best advice – To Buy or Not to Buy?

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