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Fashion Criminal: Jamie Winstone is all white on the night


Jamie Winstone is apparently a British actress. We mention this, not just for the benefit of those of you who haven’t heard of her, but because I guess there’s an outside chance she was in costume when this picture was taken. Or, you know, getting into character as Madonna-in-the-eighties or Sharon-Stone-in-a-white-jumpsuit. Because that’s what this looks like, doesn’t it? A white jumpsuit, I mean.  It’s either that or it’s some heinous white pants/white basque/white bolero combo, and either way, it’s not looking good, is it? I mean, we’ll accept some eighties fashion statements, like leggings and leg-warmers, but we just can’t learn to love the white, tapered leg jump suit. (We’d also take issue with the "wearing dark glasses at night" fashion crime, but I think we have enough to deal with here as it is). Can you?

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