15 Fashion Tips To Follow When Dressing For Work

how to find clothes for your job

So you know what to wear for a night out on the town (little black dress, obviously) and you know what to wear for your family’s Christmas party (cozy turtleneck sweat, of course), but do you know what to wear to work each day? Dressing for your job can be a tricky thing and if you need a little help, no worries. We’ve got you covered with these 15 helpful fashion tips to follow when dressing for work:

  1. Make sure every item fits properly. Ill-fitted clothing always looks unprofessional.
  2. Carry an appropriate bag that can hold everything you need for your work day.
  3. Take items to a tailor if necessary.
  4. Splurge on certain high-quality items, including a blazer and dress pants.
  5. Always wear comfortable shoes. Uncomfortable shoes will effect your ability to be productive.
  6. Opt for neutral colors that won’t be distracting to customers, clients, or co-workers.
  7. Never ever wear anything that may be offensive to your clients, customers, or co-workers.
  8. Make sure your clothing and accessories are always clean and well-kept.
  9. When it comes to jewelry, keep things minimal. Too much is seen as tacky and distracting.
  10. Make sure that your clothing is appropriate for the tasks at your job. If your job is in an office, working behind a computer, dress pants and a nice blouse are appropriate. If you work outdoors or with animals, make sure your workwear is comfortable and casual enough to get messy.
  11. If your workplace has a dress code, always make sure your outfits adhere to that dress code.
  12. Don’t try to be provocative or look sexy at work. There’s a time and a place. You should never be revealing at work.
  13. If you wear stockings, always choose a nude shade.
  14. Make sure that your clothing and accessories are age-appropriate.
  15. Don’t wear political gear or try to make a statement with your clothing.

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