10 Perfect Fall Accessories From Urban Outfitters

When you think of fall, you think of the leaves changing colors, wearing fuzzy sweaters…and drinking pumpkin spice lattes. There are certain signature colors that have always been associated with this time of year – deep, earthy tones like burnt orange, burgundy, mustard yellow and deep brown. These colors are taken from all of those classic things that remind you of fall, and these tones should be reflected in your fashion choices. Whether it be a tan tote bag or a mustard yellow hat, there are endless fall accessories that will add the perfect autumn touch to your wardrobe. We’ve compiled ten of the best fall accessories that are currently available at Urban Outfitters:

Anna Felt Panama Hat, $39

This boho-style hat will add the perfect pop of color to your fall wardrobe. The wide brim and wool felt fabric give this hat a stylish, bohemian touch. Aside from this rich maroon, it’s also available in white, beige and black.

Paisley Silky Mini Square Scarf, $14

This paisley-patterned scarf is a great multi-use accessory for fall. You can wear it tied around your neck or you can wear it as a head band. You could even tie around your purse strap to add a pop of color. It’s available in this hunter green shade as well as dark blue and burgundy.

Chunky Knit Snood, $34

I know what you’re thinking: What exactly is a “snood”? I like to think of it as a scarf and a choker’s love child. A snood is basically like a big, fuzzy choker. This one is absolutely lovely and looks like it would keep your neck super warm in the crisp, cool fall weather.

Fuzzy Furry Scarf, $29

This fuzzy, furry scarf is so aptly named. It is the perfect combination of fuzzy meets furry and it will add an adorable touch to any fall outfit. It doesn’t hurt that it’s avilable in a wide range of colors, too: mustard, black, olive, navy, lilac and rose.

Felt Beret, $29

Is there anything more chic than a beret? We think not. You can make your fall outfit look so chic, so sophisticated with this beautiful felt beret. With this in your wardrobe, you can easily trick anyone into thinking you’re an interesting Parisian traveler spending their autumn abroad. No worries – we won’t blow your cover.

Cable Knit Chenille-Lined Gloves, $15

One of the worst¬†things about fall is that it can be a little chilly. Okay, depending on where in the world you are, it can be downright freezing. Is there anything more annoying than freezing cold fingers? These gorgeous chenille-lined gloves solve that problem. If this pretty honey color isn’t your style, they’re also available in black, cream and grey.

Chenille Ribbed Beanie, $15

Moving along with the chenille trend, this chenille ribbed beanie is warm, classy and stylish. It’s a perfect transition piece for that time right before fall turns to winter and it makes an elegant addition to any outfit. You’ll love that it’s also available in a beautiful lavender shade.

Brixton Ashland Fisherman Hat, $42

This is my own personal favorite on the list: the Brixton Fisherman Hat! First off, it comes in this gorgeous shade of mustard yellow that is not only perfect for fall, but also has a very retro, 70’s vibe. This hat has so much character, it will bring attention (good attention) to your fall wardrobe.

Breda Baer Watch, $90

Watches can be used to add sophistication and class to any outfit, and this watch definitely does just that. Available in either burgundy or hunter green, it brings a perfect addition of fall color to your outfit. Oh, and it also tells the time…so I guess that’s good too.

Reversible Pom-Pom Tote, $49

When you go apple picking like an self-respecting fan of fall, where are you going to put all of your apples? Okay, so maybe you don’t want to put apples in this bag, but you do want to put all your other important items in it. It’s huge. It has pockets. It has a pom pom.¬†What more could you ask for from the perfect fall bag?

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