10 Items From ModCloth That Are Perfect for Animal Lovers

We all love animals, right? I mean, anyone who doesn’t love animals is surely some kind of heathen. (Okay, heavy on the judgement here – but seriously, who doesn’t love animals?) We pamper our pets and spend hours watching cheesy animal-related reality shows on television. Some of us love animals so much that we show our love for them in our fashion choices. A great place for fashion items featuring furry friends is the vintage-inspired website, ModCloth. From unique handbags to adorable sweaters, we scoured ModCloth and compiled ten of our favorite animal-themed clothing items and accessories. Check them out here:

1. Cat Stop the Feeling Handbag, $45

We’re head-over-heels for this feline-shaped handbag! This stylish purse looks just like a chic black cat and would go perfectly with any outfit. It’s a great conversation piece and let’s everyone know you’re a “Crazy Cat Lady”, which is nothing to be ashamed of (says this self-proclaimed Crazy Cat Lady.)

2. Credible Critter Socks, $12

Everyone needs some warm, comfortable socks. Why not make them adorable, too? These socks have your favorite furry garbage-bandits on them and they’re super cute! If you’re not a fan of raccoons, these socks are also available with deer on them.

3. Stroke of Genus Flats, $34

These flats with panda faces on them are so cute, we can bearly stand it (Get it? Yes, we hate ourselves for saying it, too). They’ll add an adorable touch to any outfit and would make the perfect gift for shoe lovers…or panda lovers…or anyone, really.

4. Crane on My Parade T-Shirt, $20

You always need some casual t-shirts in your wardrobe, so why not have one with a beautiful bird on it? This comfy t-shirt has an elegant crane on it and would look great with a pair of jeans and boots.

5. Fur the Win Thigh-High Stockings, $16

These thigh-high stockings have foxes on them. Stockings…with foxes on them. What more do we need to say?

6. Enviably Eccentric Sweater, $69

I am, admittedly, immediately interested in anything deemed “eccentric”. This sweater certainly does not disappoint in that category! With its strange and interesting pattern and the picture of the gorgeous bird, it certainly lives up to the “enviably eccentric” title.

7. Intarsia Hound Dog Sweater, $49

How classy is this sweater? It makes us think of prestigious country clubs and paintings of hounds chasing foxes. (Sorry, foxes.) If you want to give your wardrobe a sophisticated touch, while also paying homage to your favorite canines, this sweater is for you.

8. Woven Sleeveless Cat Top, $39

I am so desperately in love with this top that I purchased it myself. The colors are gorgeous and it has cats on it. Did I not tell you already that I am a Crazy Cat Lady? This sleeveless shirt can be dressy, when paired with some nice dress pants, and it can be casual when paired with jeans. It is just absolutely perfect and every Crazy Cat Lady needs it.

9. Hold On to That Fetching Top, $29

We’re suckers for a great play on song lyrics and this t-shirt does not disappoint. It takes a classic Journey lyric and throws in a Golden Retriever. It’s genius, isn’t it? This is a perfect gift for music lovers, animal lovers or both.

10. Magicicada Earrings, $29

Okay, so maybe they aren’t the most lovable of the animal kingdom, but these insect-themed earrings are definitely interesting! Some people will love them, others will be uncomfortable looking at them. Either way, they’ll certainly catch some attention!

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