Celebrity Style on Trial: Zooey Deschanel gets ruffled at Our Idiot Brother premiere

Our Idiot Fashion

Remember the time Emma Stone wore an “organs on the outside” skirt? That was the day we learned the word “panniculus”, courtesy of reader Heidi. According to Wikipedia, a panniculus is “a dense layer of fatty tissue growth, consisting of subcutaneous fat in the lower abdominal area”. It’s what we would normally call a FUPA. And it’s apparently the very height of fashion, for now here’s Zooey Deschanel, everyone’s girl’s crush, can do no wrong, wearing an abdomen-enhancing outfit to the premiere of Our Idiot Brotherthis week.

Is that a panniculus in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see us?

We don’t hate it. Not even with the frilly, pierrot-style collar, although Pierrot + Panniculus is an unusual combination, granted. It doesn’t matter what we think, though, because YOU are the Fashion Police jury, so it’s over to you to decide:

Is Zooey guilty or innocent of the charge of committing crimes of fashion? 

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