Yves St Laurent’s ‘Trooper’ pumps: under Fashion Police arrest


Let us just start off here by saying that there is a place for thick rubber soles in the world of footwear.

But this isn’t it.

No, these kind of soles belong on the type of boots you’d wear for serious hiking – although without the platform, obviously, because that would just be silly – or any other kind of expedition in which you expect to cross some really rough terrain.

They don’t belong attached to a delicate little patent pump, which is why we had to take them into custody as soon as we found them, wandering the streets of Saks. And we hate to sound alarmist, but these aren’t the only YSL shoes to have this hideous sole affixed to them: other victims are out there – please remember to approach them with caution!

Buy: Yves St Laurent ‘Trooper’ patent pumps

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