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Yves Saint Laurent’s Bermuda shorts come with knee slits and huge price tag

It must be hard being a fashion designer sometimes. Seriously: you come up with something like a pair of Bermuda shorts. They’re cute. They’re functional. They’re pretty classic. They’re exactly the kind of thing women might want to wear at this time of year. You maybe even add a row of little bows, just to set them apart from all the rest. But something isn’t right. “No,” you think. “It’s just not EDGY enough. It’s not fashion forward. If I try to sell these as they are, people will laugh. They’ll think I’ve lost my spark. They’ll say I’m no longer relevant, and that will be like a knife to my heart! What to do?”

Then it hits you: there’s really no problem here, because thanks to the current trend for clothes with unexpected “windows” or tears in them, any item can be rendered instantly “edgy”, simply by cutting a couple of slits in it somewhere. The knees, say. No one else has done knees yet, have they.

So you do it. You cut two holes in the knees, and this is what allows you to charge $1.051 for your “creation”. You are a genius. The fashion world bows before you. Until next season, anyway…

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