Yves Saint Laurent leather “trench coat” suspected of actually being a jumpsuit


“Trench leather jacket” said the product description. “Nothing wrong with that,” we thought (well, slightly awkward grammar aside). “OK, so it’s a bit Last Days of the Gestapo, but if you’re into that kind of thing…”

Then we took a closer look, and you know, we think there’s some kind of cover up going on here: this so-called “trench jacket” has legs, you see, and last we checked, jackets didn’t generally have legs. Can you imagine how inconvenient it would be if they did? What would you wear underneath them? How would you get them on over a skirt or dress?

No, we suspect this “trench jacket” of being a jumpsuit in disguise – and not a very good disguise either, it has to be said. If you disagree, however, it’s a whopping £3951.20 from Luisa Via Roma.

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