YSL’s Tribute sandals get some plastic surgery

YSL Tribute sandals in plastic

What do you think of jelly shoes, Fashion Jurors? Because YSL think you’re going to be willing to pay $500 for them, and we need to know what you think about that.

Of course, we’ve discussed jelly shoes before, in relation to Vivienne Westwood’s ongoing collaboration with Melissa. Those shoes always tend to split opinion right down the middle. Those of you who love them REALLY love them. (We count ourselves amongst this number.) And those of you who hate them practically seethe with loathing every time they’re mentioned. They’re THAT kind of shoes.

The Lady Dragons, however, are not $500. They generally come in at around $150 – $180: still pretty expensive, sure, but not “these shoes or the rent” expensive. The shoes above, on the other hand, will set you back $495, plus shipping. And they’re made from bright yellow plastic. (Or, if you prefer, shiny black plastic. Which is a bit less dramatic, to be sure.)

What’s the point of this, you may ask? Well, jelly shoes are kind of fashionable at the moment, we guess, thanks to the whole Melissa thing. They’re suitable for those of you who don’t want to wear leather. They’re…weatherproof. We guess.

Are all of these reasons enough to make you want to drop $500 on them, though? Tell us in the comments…

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