You want fries with those leggings?

Nothing hits the spot quite like a good ol’ burger and fries, does it?

outfit featuring burger top and french fries leggings

You know what they say about fatty, fried, food, though: a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips! And in this case, those fries you just ate will  LITERALLY appear on your hips!

leggings with french fries print

Both items: ASOS

Do you love junk food enough to actually WEAR it, officers? Because we’d take the ACTUAL burger off your hands, sure, but when it comes to getting dressed, we’d rather clothe ourselves in something else. Like, oh, we don’t know, maybe popcorn? Everyone loves popcorn, right? Especially this girl:

popcorn print sweater

In fact, this girl loves popcorn so much it makes her want to jump for joy:

popcorn leggings and top

Sweatshirt & leggings: ASOS

Well, it’s nice to see people enjoying their clothes. We guess. Even when they’re wearing leggings as pants and thinking they’ve managed to distract us with the food prints. Note to all: THE FASHION POLICE ARE NOT FOOLED. We see you over there, wearing your leggings as pants. We’re not distracted by the burger and fries (although actually, now you mention it, we could really fancy a burger and fries around about now…): we just need our fellow officers to give us the go-ahead to bring you in for some questioning.

So, what do you say, officers? Do you want to eat your food or wear it?

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