I have a couple of leggings, that are more like …

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I have a couple of leggings, that are more like footless thick tights, and so you can get all the benefits that you described, without the drawbacks.

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The Emperor’s New strass tulle jumpsuit
Apparently there are entertainers out there willing to wear…almost nothing.

Is it offensive? Dakota Fanning’s advert for Marc Jacobs ‘Oh, Lola’ fragrance
No, it is between her legs, not in her lap, and it is named Oh, Lola! and it is named after the novel, and of course it is intended to be provocative. And the dress palys a contrast as it is innocent.
So despite trying to be provocative, is it insulting? Absolutely to some people, you can’t have the one without the other. But it is subtle enough imo to not be banned. I mean, you have to read too much into it to find it offensive.

Christian Dior Spring Summer 2012 runway
What they are selling now, also known as emperors clothes. It’s an old story…

Kate Winslet
Yes strange choice for a color. And the shoes could have less details around the ankles, pumps could have worked better…

Dita Von Teese
I think that with the weight on the shoes they should look and feel alright. I always like her looks, inclusing this one:)

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