This is why I wear thigh-highs. …

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This is why I wear thigh-highs.

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Why Dressing Up Is Not a Crime of Fashion
I think people assume that skirts are unwearable in winter, & I get comments all the time asking if I’m cold, but you’re right — thick tights & tall boots can be warmer than jeans, especially if the jeans are made of thin material, or are “fashionably” ripped.

Why Dressing Up Is Not a Crime of Fashion
This often happens to me, not only when I dress less casually, but also, strangely, when I change the makeup I’m usually wearing. Red lipstick instead of my usually coral? Different eyeshadow? Different blush? I must have a “hot date” or “party” to go to after work! Even worse if I happen to wear fun, new makeup and a skirt on the same day.

Dress of the Day: Oasis ‘Bethany Buttercup’ Dress
I love that silhouette. Very classy. I also like the cutout on the back (easier to see when you follow the link). All you need are a pair of green shoes, and you’re good to go!

Dress of the Day: Zac Posen Print Bustier Dress
Ooo… Very pretty. I almost want to run out to my local fabric store and see if I can re-create it.

Dress of the Day: Olivia Rubin for Dorothy Perkins Grey bird peplum dress
I kind of wish there was a poof thingy on both shoulders. Otherwise, it’s a lovely floaty fabric. 🙂

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