I totally thought about Salt’n’Pepa, but it’s not really hard …

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I totally thought about Salt’n’Pepa, but it’s not really hard to trigger that with me (because I was a fan in their heyday. Not because I think of sex all the time… I guess.). Anyway, I’m a tights fan, despite not being crazy about the feel either. I like how they look and how they keep me warm, and that’s enough. You’re right about the crotch thing though, which is something I’ve wondered about for years now. I’m smaller than the average woman, and still I have this. I like to think it’s because my legs go for miles! (ermm…)

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How many outfits do you pack for a one week vacation?
I just packed for a 9-day-vacation and it’s 27 outfits. Mind you, everything goes with everything, so the amount of clothes packed is very much less than that. It fit into a medium sized suitcase, with shoes, books, toiletries and a huge beach towel. I am a little proud of myself now 🙂

Sandals with a skirt: Viktor & Rolf 105mm lasered nappa sandals
Wow this is ugly. I instantly though of toilet roll dolls/hats, too. Ick.

At least she won’t have to worry about camel toe
Oh look, Kevin Federline is designing pants these days.

Plastic Fantastic? Marc Jacobs ruffled plastic skirt?
I’ve got a perfect DIY idea for this. All you need is a trash bag and some thread (or glue). I think I might just do this for real.

Trends on Trial: Floral Pants
ICK. No. I don’t like florals in general, but floral pants are really offenders to my eyes!

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