Socks can also be a fun alternative, too. Not …

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Socks can also be a fun alternative, too. Not the cotton tubes, but maybe a light woolen/nylon blend or a Lycra? Patterned knee highs were also really popular in my neck of the woods last winter.

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Yay or Nay: Tights
Love ’em! But for those who have trouble with the legs, why not switch to thigh highs instead?

Footless leggings are always a comfy alternative if you’ve got some fun socks and boots. I often wear footless leggings in wellies/rain boots in the rain.

I would really like some footless woolies, but the last pair I ever saw was at Betsy Johnson a few years back.

Anyways, I suggest Welovecolors, American Apparel, and Target for American alternatives to tights. However, all three may ship internationally.

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this is some great punk rock chic. would love to rock this at concert and after party. this is not day wear.

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Oh NO! Everyone reading this: Please beat me for saying the following;


I am terribly sorry for this outburst of love for something so unnaturally ugly. I promise not to purchase them or any low cost version thereafter. Why do I love these atrocious leggings?! Whyyyyy!!!!!

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