I do agree with you! And they do make them …

Comment on Yay or Nay: Tights by Cookie.

I do agree with you! And they do make them in thicker versions too, which is never a problem if you have a good garter belt. Add a slip under your dress, and you’re never cold again. 🙂

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green party dress
Something seems very wrong about this picture. The dress itself is rather pretty but the model looks.. somehow warped? Is it just me?

Trends on Trial: Floral Pants
No, I won’t be wearing them. The patterns are just too busy and too 90’s for some reason.

Spring 2012 Fashion Trends: Mint Green
Oh mint is a lovely colour, and I loved that Asos pencil skirt to pieces… until I saw the raspberry version and the freaky model. I think someone went waaay overboard with photoshop on that one 0.o

Would you wear… your bra in public?
I can’t say I approve of these things. I love sheer tops, as they are made of very feminine and flowy fabrics, but I don’t own a single one precisely because I am never quite sure what to wear underneath one. A bra on it’s own just looks.. inappropriate, and if I wear a tank top, well, then I have double straps showing, don’t i?
Really, what IS the proper way to wear a sheer top? if there is one, that is.

How often do you wash your jeans?
I own a Basset hound, so yes, mine need to be washed fairly often too. I can get away with two or three wears before I wash them (if I clean them with a damp sponge inbetween), but even aside from that, I think they should be washed on a regular basis. I mean, you walk around in them, and sit down in the bus, and sweat in them, even if it is just a bit…

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