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Would you wear this Miu Miu dress with a shirt?


I’ve been admiring this Miu Miu party dress over at Net-a-Porter for a few days now. Pretty, isn’t it? And OK, it’s a little too short and too low for an old hag like me, but if you had the figure for it, all  you’d need to do would be to throw on a pair of sparkly heels, and maybe a nice necklace, and you’d be good to go. Oh, and a white, short-sleeved shirt, of course. Because that’s totally the way to wear this dress, according to Net-a-Porter. And while I guess it does solve the "too low-cut" problem, it still looks all kinds of wrong to me.

I suspect I may be in the minority with this one, though, because I’ve been seeing this look cropping up all over the place. It’s part of that whole "wear lots of clothes that don’t really match, all at the same time, because it is "interesting" and "artistic" thing that the high fashion types seem to love, but I still have to question why anyone else would want to do this. It’s not like the white shirt suddenly transforms the dress into daywear now, does it? It’s not as if the addition of the incongruous white shirt will let you wear this to the supermarket, and wearing it as evening wear will probably just convince people that you don’t know how to dress yourself. Or that you’re "interesting" and "artistic" and also: got mugged by your wardrobe on the way out the door.

Am I alone in hating the "daywear under evening wear" look, folks? Say it ain’t so!

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