Would you wear…Topshop’s ‘Ashish’ animal print wedge ankle boots?


As Shoeperwoman readers will already know, it’s all about animal print in the footwear world this season. Topshop clearly realise this, and have gone for a “the more, the merrier!” kind of approach, figuring that if animal print = good, then animal print + massive platform = Even Better.  Oh, and they’ve thrown in a peep toe on a boot, clearly in observance of the 2009 commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Create Boots Without Giving Them a Pointless Peep Toe”.

These sold out almost immediately at Topshop, and are already one of the most talked-about shoes on the internet, for this week at least. Would you wear these shoes? If so, they’re £140 at Topshop (although you may need to visit a store in person to track a pair down as they’re sold out online) and they’re also available in black. Whaddya think?

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