Would you wear… tie-dye jeans?


Neiman Marcus inform us that tie-dyed jeans are “one of the hottest trends in denim” this winter. Now, generally speaking, almost ANY incidence of the phrase “tie dye” sets a special alarm ringing at the Fashion Police HQ, causing us to drop whatever we’re doing and take to the streets to hunt down the culprit, but if Neiman Marcus says this is “hot”, well…

We’re actually far from convinced that they’re right on this occasion – in other words, we hate this look – but it’s Friday afternoon and we’re in a forgiving mood, so we’re going to turn this one over to you, our readers.

Do you like these tie-dyed jeans? Would you wear them? If you would, you can find them all here.

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  • December 19, 2012


    It looks cool but I preffer the darker ones

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