Would you wear… supermodel-signed jeans by Ksubi?


Oh no! Look, this poor model – she must’ve fallen asleep on the job or something, and “hilarious” pranksters have snuck up on her and signed her white skinny jeans, as if they were plaster casts! If only The Fashion Police had been in the area at the time, we could’ve caught these fashion criminals in the act, but don’t worry, at least we’ll be able to read their names and track them down. Now, let’s see: Elle… Cindy… Heidi…Milla…Kate…Tyra… OMG! Supermodels have defaced these jeans! Supermodels who should know better, and show some respect for clothes! We’re horrified.

Would you wear these jeans? Bearing in mind that we totally made up the above scenario and the jeans are actually made with the signatures printed on them? We can’t help but feel that walking around with supermodel names on our thighs would just be like issuing an invitation to people to compare said thighs with Cindy, Kate, Elle, et al : and, of course, it would also be an invitation to people to walk up to you and say, “Oh my God, someone’s written all over your jeans!”

But what do you think, readers? Fashion crime? Cool way to show how much you love the supers? Tell us!

Ksubi super-skinny white jeans, £149

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  • November 4, 2009


    Uh, eww. Why would a supermodel disrespect clothes? That is totally a fashion crime. We are not 3, and we don’t write on clothing.

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