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Would you wear… Moschino’s 60s-style jumpsuit?

So, 60s style is back in fashion, just in case you hadn’t noticed. And while some brands are choosing to embody the spirit of the 60s in a fairly subtle way –  a mini skirt here, a graphic print there, a pair of clumpy platform shoes everywhere – others are taking a far more literal approach:

60s-style floral jumpsuit

This is by Moschino, it’s £852 (about $1,300), and, well, it’s a whole lot of look, to put it mildly. A whole lot of look that we really can’t imagine anyone pulling off, outside of a costume party.  If you actually WERE going to a costume party, of course, this would be awesome (Or it would be if it was as cheap as any other ready-made costume, anyway): you wouldn’t even need any accessories for people to instantly “get” where you were coming from. (1965, presumably…), but for day-to-day life in 2013, we’re thinking most people might struggle with this one.

Our point? It’s easy and fun to add a retro twist to a modern look, and we’re all for that: in fact, we’re huge fans of retro-inspired fashion, as our Dress of the Day picks probably show.  But it’s also easy to go totally overboard and end up looking like you’re in fancy dress. Most of the time, that happens when you start with one “retro” piece and then just keep adding more and more, until you end up looking like you just stepped out of a time machine. In this case, however, all you’d need would be one little item… and $1,300.

So, tell us: do you think you could wear this? Do you WANT to wear it? Or do you think it’s a flower-power crime of fashion?

Buy it here

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