Would You Wear… a poncho?

Remember that brief period in the “naughties” when ponchos started popping up on every fashionably-clad back and dodgy market stall in the country? It was all Sienna Miller’s fault, and we must say, we weren’t exactly rushing to thank her for bringing the poncho into the public eye, but perhaps that was just us.

Now, however, Bess have decided to bring back the poncho again. Their poncho is called Badlands Baja: it’s a lot more traditional in design than the crocheted ponchos of a few years ago, and it’s a lot more expensive, too, retailing for £1,135 at Net-a-Porter. Would you wear it, though? Were you secretly sad when the poncho trend died, and did your heart give a little leap of joy when you saw this one? Tell us!

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