Would it sell on eBay?

We’ve been here before, we know:

Jeremy Scott patent lace-up trousers

Jeremy Scott patent lace-up trousers, £1110

Well, not here EXACTLY, obviously. Thankfully we don’t see too many pairs of pants like this as part of mainstream fashion collections, (When we do, though, Jeremy Scott is often responsible…), but there was a trend for patent skirts last winter, and it looks like some factions of the fashion world are attempting to resurrect it for winter 2014.

The trousers at the top of the page are a fairly extreme example of this look, but here’s another version, this time from Christopher Kane:

patent leather coat

Christoper Kane coat, £3,460

This isn’t nearly as bad as the pants (although the fact that we can’t help but imagine them together will surely give us nightmares tonight), but… look, here’s the thing: on this post, Claudia commented that if she’d listed the suspects in question on eBay, they probably wouldn’t have attracted any bids, and that basically sums up our feelings on a lot of what passes for OMGDESIGNER fashion these days. We’re thinking, not only of this patent/plasticy look, but of things like the cereal packet handbags, and almost everything Jeremy Scott has done for Moschino lately. These items had RRPs which sometimes run into the thousands of pounds, but we’re willing to bet that if you removed the designer labels and stuck them on eBay, or put them into a thrift store, without telling anyone what they were “worth”, you’d have a hard time selling them – other than as Halloween costumes, that is.

Are there REALLY many people looking at this stuff and thinking it’s worth investing thousands in? That it’s the kind of clothing they’ll own and wear for years? Or is it really all about the designer label, and the wish to have the latest thing – regardless of what it actually looks like? Taste is subjective, style is personal, and everyone has the right to spend their money on whatever they like. We, however, can’t help but wonder if blindly following fashion blinds people to the idea that this £1,500 dress

plastic look dress

… looks like it’s made from plastic.

Would it sell on eBay? Would you buy it if you found it there? Its a handy way to work out whether you REALLY love that item of clothing, or whether you’re in danger of becoming a fashion victim. Thanks, Claudia!

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