The Worst Denim of 2013

worst denim of 2013

Good morning Fashion Police officers! With the Christmas holiday fast approaching, we expect those of you with some time-off booked for this week will be feeling pretty de-mob happy by now: we know we are! Rather than get to work hunting down brand new crimes of fashion, then, we figured we’d leave that until next year, and continue our look back through the 2013 archives instead.

Today, it’s the turn of our old friend – and occasional foe – denim. The one fabric we should be able to depend on when we don’t know what else to wear, denim can be a very, very good thing indeed. However, it can also be very, very bad, and those are the times we’re interested in today. Here are some of the worst uses of denim in 2013: enjoy!

Gallery: The Worst Denim of 2013

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